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Friday, June 20, 2008

Apple Store opens. Sydney remains "Beta World City".

By: James

Apple Store in Sydney

So the Sydney Apple Store is finally open. This is Australia's first Apple Store and we're about 3-4 years late.
The store is located in the heart of the Sydney shopping/tech district in George St and is the second largest Apple Store in the world. It opened its door to the public for the first time today at 5pm.
I personally think it's quite lame that Apple-wankers actually camped outside for the opening. That's so lame that I can't even believe it. I mean, who camps outside in order to go into a store. It's not like they're releasing a product that is gonna be sold out immediately. Lame.
The store costed $15 million to build. I walked past it on Monday and it is quite nice looking. But thats it.

Apple Store 9.jpg
It's here

apple opening7.jpg
Looks like something's happening in this picture. But nothing's really happening.

apple store1.jpg
$15 Million.

apple store 3.jpg
Mac Geniuses on standby

apple store 2.jpg
Yes. You are hip.

Apple Store queue in Sydney
A Macbook cancels everything out. Even loafers with white socks. many douchebags. Look at the second guy. I want to punch his hair.

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