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Thursday, June 19, 2008

A game you should check out - A game Mike's obsessed with

By: Michael

"you have contracted malaria"

"you have developed a goiter"
"you have been raped"

Robbery, rape, murder, these aren't things you'd necessarily want to encounter in your everyday life but in 'Real Lives 2007' they're a common occurrence. Real Lives is an education simulation (don't let that put you off) that allows you to direct the lives of people around the world, from Alabama to Angola dripping with gritty realism. While the game or sim (which-ever you prefer) is designed to be educational it's a engrossing time killer if you're up late or doing some work. Though it mainly revolves around selecting either 'yes' or 'no' to random answers or situations that crop up, its open-ended nature gives it a whole lot of replay value, whether you want to try design a savvy self indulgent stock broker or attempt to help an impoverished ‘3rd worlder’ make their way into a 1st world country

"Decisions, decisions, decisions..."

Whether realistic or educational it's simply fun to mess with the traits of a character based on the decisions you make and ultimately decide their life direction. If you like time-killers and the likes of 'The Sims' and other open ended games definitely get it now. You can download the trial version below (which has everything except for the 'zoom' feature') plus its less than 10 MB!


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